Conference Vision

"Seeking a truly secular Australia"

Our society is rapidly changing, becoming more multicultural and diverse, and increasingly less religious. Yet our government policies and institutions are failing to reflect this reality by treating all Australians fairly, regardless of religious or non-religious beliefs.

Student wellbeing roles in public schools are largely restricted to youth workers who are Christian. The military provides religious-based pastoral care to defence personnel rather than professional pastoral care. Our parliaments and local councils engage in religious rituals as part of their proceedings. Religious charities are exempt from the transparency rules that apply to other charities.

We believe there is a strong desire in the community for separation of church and state, and a need for Australia to embrace secularism in the spirit of a fair go so that government does not play favourites when it comes to religion.

What do we mean when we talk about ‘secularism’?

The separation of religion and state is the foundation of secularism. Secularism also seeks to protect the rights of religious believers and non-believers alike and to ensure that freedom of religion is always balanced by the right to be free from religion.

Through a series of presentations and panel discussions from inspirational community leaders and expert activists, the conference will discuss topics including the history of secularism in Australia, the need for secularism in our country and the threats to secularism that we face today.

It will also delve into a number of policy areas where secular reform is needed to ensure that our laws, governments and institutions better reflect modern Australia.

The Secularism Australia Conference is open to anyone who has an interest in building a truly secular Australia, irrespective of a person’s ethnicity, background, religious belief or absence of belief.

The event is a public event open to all. Members of the sponsoring organisations, and other pro-secular organisations, are particularly welcome to attend.

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Secularism Australia logo

Green and gold are colours that unite Australians. And that’s why we’ve chosen the wattle for our logo. In this logo, we’ve sought to symbolise Australians coming together for an event that provides a new vision for the nation.