2023 Conference Sponsors

NSW Teachers Federation

Students in public schools deserve a secular education system and the highest quality professional support. Federation continues to campaign for the removal of Special Religious Education and the National School Chaplaincy program, as they are a blight on our secular traditions and education system. We believe that any education (religious or not) should be done in line with an approved curriculum and by a qualified teacher. Any money allocated to chaplaincy should be redirected to fund the employment of professional school counsellors with teaching qualifications and experience. Our students need teachers not preachers, education not indoctrination.

Federation is a registered trade union, representing the interests of public education teachers in NSW. We encourage our members to challenge inequities and be part of transformational change.

Secular Association of NSW

The Secular Association of NSW recognises that the right to freedom of religion or belief entails state neutrality in matters of religion; that the people should enjoy both freedom of religious belief and practice and freedom from imposed religious doctrine and practice.

We hold that Australia is currently a ‘soft theocracy’; that is, the state favours religious institutions through taxpayer-funded grants, tax exemptions, as well as exceptions to discrimination law, and religious influence in law-making.

Humanists Victoria

Humanists Victoria is part of a national and international humanist movement that strives for a world in which all individuals can attain their full potential. We do this through promoting an ethical, reasoned and compassionate approach to life.

Humanists Victoria is actively engaged in the community through a variety of projects aimed at alleviating suffering and maximizing personal autonomy and responsibility.

Rationalist Society of Australia

The Rationalist Society of Australia champions reason and evidence as the basis of public policy.

Rationalists believe all decisions should be based on reason and evidence. Our mission is to campaign for rational public policy and promote reason in Australia, something we’ve been doing since 1906.

National Secular Lobby

Australia’s National Secular Lobby provides a stronger and more active voice for the nation’s secular majority. We believe that no religion should be privileged unduly in government policy and that no person should be persecuted or privileged based on their personal belief choices.

Plain Reason

Plain Reason promotes science, reason, and critical thinking. To acknowledge that people are free to choose a religion comes with an equal right for society to be free from the strictures of religion. A broad swathe of public policy is influenced by religious doctrine and we seek to promote rational alternatives based on evidence and secular ethics.

Humanists Australia

We help people live an ethical and meaningful life through humanism. We advocate for positive social change, and we provide authentic, heartfelt humanist ceremonies to mark life’s big milestones.

We are currently building a platform of engaged humanists in order to give a voice to all ethical, non religious Australians.