Watch the conference on our YouTube channel

You can now watch the full recordings of speeches and panel sessions from the 2023 Secularism Australia Conference on our YouTube channel for free.

By making the speeches and panel sessions available on YouTube, we hope to help educate the wider public about the importance of secularism and about the many policy areas in need of secular reform.

Watch the conference on YouTube.

On the YouTube channel, we have also published a number of ‘highlights’ videos, showcasing many of the key arguments by speakers and panellists made during the event.

These highlights videos are each about 1-2 minutes in length, making it easy to share them on social media.

Thanks again to all of the financial sponsors for the Secularism Australia Conference 2023:

  • NSW Teachers Federation
  • Secular Association of NSW
  • Humanists Victoria
  • Rationalist Society of Australia
  • National Secular Lobby
  • Plain Reason
  • Humanists Australia

Enjoy watching the conference on YouTube!