Sign our petition and help send a message to the parliament

We want your help to send a message to the national parliament that it’s time to replace daily prayer rituals with practices that reflect the diversity of the Australian community.

We’ve launched a petition on the Australian Parliament House website, requesting the House of Representatives modernise its Standing Orders and replace daily Christian prayers with a more appropriate practice.

The petition argues that parliament should be a secular institution that is welcoming of all people, and it should not privilege one religious worldview above others.

As we countdown to the first Secularism Australia Conference in Sydney on 2 December, please support the petition by adding your name and sharing the petition with your friends.

This petition is submitted on behalf of the conference sponsors, all of whom want to see secular reform of Australia’s parliaments and government institutions.

Michael Dove, who chairs the Secularism Australia Conference’s organising committee, is urging supporters of secularism to help us generate as much support as possible for the petition.

The petition closes on Wednesday 15 November 2023.

Thanks for your support!

The organising committee